Is Rick & Morty season 5 the craziest Rick and Morty season of all?

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Season 5 of Rick and Morty, You Don’t Want to Miss it

The Adventures of Rick and Morty Continue

We’ve been following Rick and Morty since 2013, through 4 Seasons, with the 5th on it’s way to becoming the wildest of them all. Roomer has it that season seven is also one the way, which should hopefully indicate a soon arrival of the 5th go around of the show.

As you may know Rick, a mentally troubled but technologically advanced grandpa, and his grandson Morty consistently engage in dangerous and bizarre journeys through space and alternate worlds. Parents, Beth and Jerry though have now come to terms with their on-again, off-again marriage.

After four seasons of classic adventures, the audience is looking forward to enjoying Season 5.  However, the confirmation that the writers are still working on the 7th  Season may also be an indication of a longer wait for the fifth season. The release date for Rick and Morty Season 5 is yet to be announced by Adult Swim or Dan Harmon.

Since the start of the series we know that the crew has had years of adventures with ups and downs all in between. Season 5 will not be short of any of that. Here is a look back at the last few seasons to reminisce.

Will Season 5 of Rick and Morty still be Great?

In Season 1 when Beth and Jerry are on a horrific Titanic-themed cruise, Rick and the kids host a party with strange beings from other dimensions in episode “Ricky business”. However, after moving the house to another world and trashing it, the party stops right in time with just seconds until their parents get back. What an ending right?

Season 2 of 10 episodes began with Rick and Morty spending more time together since space was suspended and we can’t forget Beth shooting everyone’s favorite cute character, Mr. Poopybutthole, after probably mistaking him for a alien at the end of this show. I’m sure Season 5-7 will carry many more bizarre characters for us!

In the Season 3 finale episode Rick has become a real pain to the President of the United States. For example, continually attempting to outshine the president when it comes to fixing classified government affairs. Later on in the season the entire Smith family runs away form Rick to live an ordinary, happy life. Obviously Rick discovers them, and is sad demonstrating how often he cares for his family while not saying so. I don’t know about you, but seeing Rick actually have emotion for the family seems to make me more connected to the show.

As the gang reunites we may know the concept of Interdimensional Cable evolves in “Never Ricking Morty,” Episode 6 in Season 4. Let’s hope we can see more Interdimensional Cable in Season 5 too.

What’s Next for Rick and Morty? Hold Tight.

I know we won’t have to wait long because the writers are already working on Season 7. Hold tight and don’t miss Season 5, which will take Rick and the Smith family on a fun and insane adventure that will undoubtedly keep us coming back for more.


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