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How to watch Megan is missing?

After the revival of the psychological horror story, Megan is missing has exploded on the TikTok platform. People are scared to watch the movie as the scenes are extremely graphic and scary. However, if you are a horror lover and have the guts to digest disturbing scenes, you should not miss this movie.

Now comes the hot potato. How to watch Megan Is Missing? But before looking for watch options, you should know what it is about and why it became popular so suddenly. So let’s talk about the movie in a nutshell.

Real Horror Awaits You in this Thriller

The movie revolves around the kidnapping of the main character, 14 year-old high school student Megan Stewart. The movie takes into account the days leading up to Megan’s disappearance by an online predator claiming to be a 17-year-old skateboarder. An investigation is initiated and carried out by Megan’s best friend Amy Herman. This low-budget movie was directed by Micheal Goi back in 2006 but came into the markets in 2011. At that time, the movie didn’t attract a large audience, but nowadays, everyone is talking about the movie.

The Megan is Missing TikTok Trend that Went Viral

When some high profile TikTok users shared that they were out of their wits while watching the movie, the viral trend started. TikTok went haywire, and people became curious to watch what the movie beholds. The raging fire went global when the director Goi issued a warning over the social media platform. He asked people to shut the screens if they have a light heart and don’t want to see some scenes which then cannot be unseen. Goi also asked audiences not to watch the movie at night and offered his apologies to the ones who have experienced this psychological thriller.

The movie became more controversial when the New York government banned the movie. The officials conveyed that the scenes were too graphic in the aspect of sexual conduct and can negatively impact the public interest. Moreover, there is sexual violence involving young people to an extent that could harm the public peace.

The critics also took a dig over the direction of the movie, which involved extreme sexual content involving young main leads and their weak performance.
With every aspect adding suspense to this movie, people started wondering whether the movie is based on real events or not. Let us find the truth behind it.

Is Megan is Missing Based on a True Story?

Every person following the trend wants to know the truth behind the hyping question that if Megan is missing based off real events? Is it based on a true-life incident?

So to answer in a nutshell, no, the movie is not based on any single real-life incident. However, the film takes inspiration from general child abduction cases, which have become frequent worldwide. It puts the limelight on the events that children have to face during these abductions and how the online platforms are an easy hunting place for child abductors.

Up until now, you may have started wondering about the options to watch this thriller movie. You may think that you can watch the film over popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, but that is not the case. Let’s see what happened to the movie on these platforms and glance at the available options to watch the movie.

What Happened to Megan Is Missing on Hulu and Netflix?

The movie is not present on both of the platforms. You cannot watch this movie on Netflix or Hulu as of right now. In the future, the platforms may incorporate this movie, but there is no sign of that at this moment. However, being a horror fanatic, you can still watch several other horror thrillers on both of these platforms.
These platforms have a variety of available options. There are different plans present on both platforms, and all these plans come with various features. Opt for the one that suits your needs, and get ready to explore all the options.

All you need is to pick the best thriller, get a bucket of popcorn with cold sodas, and you are all set to take the thrilling ride of mysteries filled with suspense.

Where to Watch Megan is Missing?

There are no free options available to watch the movie. However, there are some options where you can buy or rent the movie and experience this psychological thriller. Let us dive into the available options.

1. Amazon

You can rent the movie with SD resolution over this platform by spending just $3.99. Just pay the little amount, and you are all set to watch the film without any unnecessary interruptions.

2. Vudu

The platform also presents the option to rent the movie for $3.99. All you need to do is complete the transaction, and you can rent the movie and watch it. The platform also presents English captions.

3. Microsoft Store

Just pay $3.99 to rent the movie on this platform. You will have 14 days to watch the film, and once started, you will get 48 hours to finish it. You will get the movie in simple definition with English captions.

4. Google Play

Here is another option to watch the movie. You can rent the film in the simple definition for just $3.99. After paying the price, you can watch the movie without any interruptions.

Final Verdict

So, here are all the options where you can rent the movie and hop on the thrilling ride. All of them present the SD resolution of the film. You can opt for any one of them according to your personal preference. The film packs some extreme sexual conduct scenes which may not be good for light-hearted people. So, a word of caution, watch the movie only if you can digest some freakish psychological twisted scenes.