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How to Make Streaming Easier on Hulu

Hulu is a reliable streaming platform with millions of subscribers. However, you might wonder, are you using Hulu to its fullest potential? Well, we bet you are not! Hulu has many exciting features that you may not know about. These simple tips can add to your binge-watching fun in the best way possible.
In this guide, we have uncovered some of the most effortless Hulu secrets that will definitely make your streaming time better.

Top 10 Hulu Secrets You Must be Aware of

1. Smartphone Remote

Are you too lazy to pick up your remote from the other side of the couch? Well, we have the perfect solution to your ache! A Smartphone Remote to serve all the features of a remote from your smartphone. Isn’t that cool?
All you need to do is download the Hulu app on your smartphone, and you are all set to use your smartphone as a remote for all your needs.

2. Advanced Video Search

Are you tired of the overlapping content searches and unable to find what you need at one go? Well, it is time to use the power of advanced search. Hulu’s advanced video search is quite beneficial when you are looking for a specific episode using their air date or episode number. With the advanced search, finding new shows fast on Hulu is very easy.
Thus, this feature is truly the best among all the other notable features, and you can easily access this from the main search bar itself.

3. Subscription On-Hold

Hulu developers understand you are bound to take your “Me-Time” in-between your streaming, so they came up with an excellent solution for it! Hulu’s subscription comes with a superb on-hold option that lets you enjoy your time off vacation stress-free. You can enjoy your time there without the worry of being charged for your subscription!
It eases your burden in the best way and lets you opt for the hold option from 1 to 12 weeks. What more can you ask from them!

4. Favorites and Queue List

Hulu has two of the fantastic options: Favorites list to hold all your classic collection that you love to watch anytime and Queue list to hold all the unseen episodes or flicks that are waiting for your ‘play’ command.
Different favorites and queue lists can be formulated in a straightforward manner without any hassle. Adding shows to queue on Hulu has never been easy. All you have to do is create both these lists to get the best shows and flicks streaming hassle-free. You should definitely consider having both to have everything sorted without the need to find them every now and then.

5. Classic Criterion Collection

While scrolling through the top menu, you may find the “select criterion” option to take you on the classics roller-coaster ride! It is especially significant to get the coolest and most revered collection handy, be it via guest creators or famous directors.
The best part is that you will love the iconic movies that hold a cracking history in the past. We are sure you will be able to find many of Wes Anderson’s hits easily!

6. Know the Actor

No need to waste time and look for every actor’s bio separately! Hulu’s Face match works precisely like the photo recognition feature of Facebook to impart the best actor recognition ever.
Just turn on this feature in the settings, and you can quickly get to know the real name, birthdate, Wikipedia link as well as its character name in the video you are watching! How cool is that? This quick bio feature is super impressive and saves your time too!

7. Hulu’s Magic Cube

Does any platform offer super unique random selections? Well, Hulu does! Hulu’s magic cube feature is the best to proffer 3 of the top picks from your random words. You just need to share your interest, and the magic cube will convey the best random selections matching your requirement.
Click on one of the options from your favorite categories, and you are all set to go!

8. Pretty Simple Settings Menu

You may find the settings menu on almost all the top streaming platforms, but we bet Hulu’s is the most simplified settings menu of them all. Loaded with all the essential functions, this settings menu is enriched with streamlined options.
This settings menu is super easy to use, and even a newcomer can easily understand all the settings without getting confused or lost at all.

9. Expiration Alerts

Want to be notified whenever your favorite flick or TV show leaves Hulu forever? Well, opting for expiration alerts is the best solution you can go for. It helps you get an email notification to keep your episode bookmarked until the last day.
These alerts are extremely helpful to not miss out on any episode until its last day on Hulu. Thus, we recommend you keep this option on to enjoy endless fun.

10. Reliable Staff Picks

Thanks to the epic staff picks shared on Hulu, you will always have something interesting to watch no matter what. Let the ultimate fun become wilder and exciting thrill creep into your nerves as you watch the best episodes that will make you a Hulu addict for sure!
Get your Hulu subscription to enjoy these terrific hits over time with the most dynamic content ever! We know over time, you will find all those picks in your favorites list too!

The Bottom Line

Now you are aware of the full list of all the Hulu secrets to help make streaming easier on Hulu. They all work to make your movies and TV shows time the most fun. With this, we are sure you will get the best help and easily use Hulu‘s exclusive features that were unknown before.
So, now it is time to actually use all these secrets for real and get the most of your subscription time in the best possible way. Just decide what to stream and you are all set. Do let us know in the comments if these Hulu secrets were useful!
Happy Hulu Time!

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