Streaming Gift Ideas for 2021

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With digitization at its peak, you won’t fall short on the choice of gifts. You can search for gifts sitting in the comfort of your home, shortlist them, compare their prices, and send them to your near and dear ones. Everything is available on the online platform, and there is no need for you to step out and visit a brick and mortar store. An incredible gift to give is a streaming service subscription(s).

Since everyone is interested in watching series and movies based on different genres these days, gifting a streaming service  to them would be excellent. If you are hunting for a suitable gift to present to your friend this Christmas, you should stay hooked to this article until the end.

In this article, you will come across fantastic streaming gift ideas for 2021 that you can use for surprising your friends and family. So let’s begin before the holiday season ends.

A present should be useful, and hence you should not leave a chance to disappoint the other person. You should know what each person loves to watch, whether it be their favorite genre, series, movies, etc.

Now your most awaited question, “which streaming service should I get?”

Well, with this guide’s help, you will be able to gift them something they always longed for. Listed below are all the top streaming gifts that will delight everyone and anyone.

Top Streaming Gift Ideas Popular in 2021

1. Disney Plus Subscription Gift

Disney plus is a family-friendly streaming platform that contains movies and shows of different genres to match all the members’ tastes. Be it Maleficent, Frozen, or action thrillers, you will find all the exciting stuff in this platform. You can gift this streaming service to kids, adults, or elderly members of your family who will love to watch the shows and movies of their choice.

For subscribing, you can avail of the yearly plan that costs $70 because the monthly plan that charges $7 a month will cost you more. After the subscription ends, the person can use their credentials and stream.

Once you are done with the payment process, you can visit Disney Plus’ website and include the email of the person you are gifting this streaming service to. You get the option to write a custom message and enter the delivery date, which can be their birthday or anniversary date. The message and other information will be sent to the recipient on the mentioned date via an email containing the procedure for redeeming the subscription gift.

2. Netflix Subscription Gift

Do your loved ones keep nagging about not having a Netflix subscription? Maybe is time you gift them a Netflix subscription to them. Netflix is one of the best gift ideas for movie lovers because it has all the movies, and Netflix original/exclusive shows as well. Be it the popular show The Crown or the new season of Ozark, you can gift all these shows to the person who always longed for them.

Netflix gift cards are not generated online, like Disney Plus. They are provided by online retailers like Walmart, Amazon, New Egg, Target, etc. The subscription gift starts from $25 and goes up to $200, depending on these retailers’ services. Amazon provides subscription gift cards that enable you to watch everything on Netflix while the others miss out on one or two elements.

Once you get hold of this card, notify your gift’s recipient about their awaiting surprise. The recipient can then visit Netflix’s official website to receive their gift and use it until the balance runs out.

3. HULU subscription gifts

HULU is the best option if you are pondering upon giving a streaming service as a gift to your loved ones. Like Netflix, you don’t get a gift card on its site. Instead, you will have to buy one from retailers like Target or any other third party gift card provider.

You can opt for any of the pricing plans and make a perfect gift out of it for your special person who loves to binge-watch movies and other series. The gift card starts from $25 and goes up to $100. However, the services you get at this amount depending on the retailer you buy the ticket from because they all differ in their services.

The gift card you buy will be sent to the recipient through mail or a physical card delivered at their home. After they are notified about the gift card, the recipients can then redeem it from the official website of HULU and enjoy their gift. After the card’s balance is exhausted, the account will automatically get suspended and work upon recharging it.

4. Amazon Prime Subscription Gift

Another great gift ideas for movie lovers has arrived here on our list. Amazon prime is the most opted streaming platform after Netflix. Besides watching movies and shows, you can also shop online and buy products that get delivered early and for free.

Prime Membership costs $119 a year and comes in handy for your friends and family who are both the movie and shopping lovers. Since you won’t get a monthly subscription gift on Amazon, it would be best to present someone with a yearly membership. With this gift, your movie lovers will get enough time to complete all their Prime desires and have a good time watching them.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon’s Gift cards cannot be sourced from other major retailers. You will have to visit the official account of Amazon and go to the gift prime option. You will then have to open your Amazon account and make the payment of the gift card you are opting for. Upon paying, you will have to mention the recipient’s email, delivery date, and a special message for the special occasion.

When the day arrives, the recipient will get a notification regarding the same on his email and redeem the gift sent by you as a token of love.

5. Spotify Gift Cards

Are you thinking of other streaming gift ideas to gift to music lovers? Spotify is at your rescue. This music streaming platform contains innumerable songs to match everyone’s mood. Whether you feel extremely happy or sad or have a blast or attend a ball, you will find all the desirable songs on this platform.

For your music lover friends or family members, you can present them a Spotify gift card where they can indulge themselves in mesmerizing music all day long. Target, PayPal, Kroger, NewEgg, etc., provide online gift cards delivered via email, while platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Simon Malls, etc., provide physical cards delivered through posts.

All the gift cards provided by these different third-party retailers come at other costs and provide all the services. Nothing can be better than gifting your dear ones a musical gift that they will cherish always.

6. Gift a TV show or a Single Movie

All this while, we discussed how you could gift an entire one year or a few month’s subscriptions to your friends or family. But why spend extra for those shows which they won’t even look at? The best solution to this dilemma is Apple TV. If you know what the other person likes watching or desires to watch but has no means for it, you can gift an Apple TV gift card.

With this gift card, you can buy either a single movie that your gift recipient wants to watch or an entire season of any show. This gift works the best for both the provider and the receiver.

The recipient gets what he wants, and you who is giving that present gifts a useful gift at a lower price.

For generating the gift card, visit the iTunes store and select the movie or the TV show. After selecting, click on the share icon and then select the gift option. With such simple steps, you can effortlessly create an excellent gift for your loved ones.

7. HBO MAX Gift Cards

HBO NOW, the earlier streaming platform, had gift cards that are now discontinued after HBO MAX’s arrival. Even though the new version has been introduced, there are no gift cards included in HBO MAX.

Since this streaming platform is famous for movies like Wonder Woman, the upcoming releases like Dune and The Matrix 4, the curiosity has increased among the viewers. That is why you should gift the subscription of this platform to others.

With no gift cards available, you can provide cash to the other person who can then use it for a subscription. The other alternative to this method is by signing up on others’ behalf and purchasing a six month’s subscription for them.

Opting for a six-month plan is more economical than paying the amount beforehand. So, sign up today on HBO MAX’s official website and create an account on behalf of your loved ones.

8. The Criterion Channel Gift Cards

If the person you are gifting this streaming service to is an old-school person and wants to visit down the memory lane, then you can give him a gift card of the Criterion Channel. With over 2100 films that contain both contemporary and Modern-classics, the gift card will bring joy and entertainment to the person’s life.

The individual can binge-watch all his old favorites and can relive the memories. Be it Charlie Chaplin, Akira Kurosawa, or any other contemporary actor, with this platform in reach, you can watch everything that is not found anywhere else.

The gift card subscription starts at $10.99 per month, and if you want to opt for the yearly subscription, the amount would be $99.99.

9. BroadwayHD Gift Cards

Is someone eager to watch the Death of A Salesman or wants to revisit the musicals like Phantom, Kinky boots, Into the Woods, etc.? If yes, then you should gift them the gift card of BroadwayHD. This streaming platform consists of musical classics and movies based on popular stories and novels. For anyone interested in Fiction and music, this platform is the best that he can have.

In 2021, the Great White Way will be launched, and the other person might want to watch it first; this is another reason you should present them a gift card for this streaming platform.

All the shows and movies present on this platform are ad-free, which means that you can watch everything without any interruptions between the streaming.

If you want to opt for the monthly subscription, it would cost you $8.99 per month, whereas the yearly subscription comes at $99.99, which saves a few pennies then what you will pay for in the monthly subscription.

10. CBS All-ACCESS Gift Cards

On CBS ALL-ACCESS, you can access millions of movies and shows that your friends or family members always wanted to watch. With more than 100 movies produced by Paramount pictures, this platform forms the best streaming channel.

The individual can access all different channels and genres, which are hard to find on other services. Besides, if the person you will be gifting this service to is a die-hard soccer fan, he can benefit more from this platform because of the match streaming done on CBS ALL-ACCESS.

The gift cards for CBS are available with retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, etc., and even third-party sellers provide them. These gift cards’ cost ranges from $25 to $50, which is cheaper and feasible than all others. Hence, don’t waste time and get hold of the cards before anyone else snatches away this golden opportunity from you.

Some Final Words

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed to let out the mental pressure and relax your mind. Since it is the digital age with online streaming ruling the domain, streaming gift cards are the best presents you can give to anybody. They will not only use it but also have fun and stay entertained.

In this period, when nobody can step out of their houses, gift someone a card full of entertainment, and see the smiles spreading on their faces. Hurry up before the offers become more expensive, or your loved ones buy a subscription plan for themselves.

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